OTR Rewind - Mining Startups and Pandemic Operations with Chad Peters

Chad Peters (Ridgeline Minerals) delves into the COVID-19 pandemic, and the challenges and opportunities of starting a company during that time.

In this #OTRRewind, we are revisiting the episode featuring President, CEO, & Director of Ridgeline Minerals, Chad Peters! In this episode, Chad and Emily dig into the transformative impact of 2020 and COVID-19 on start-ups and mining companies, and discovering creative solutions to industry bottlenecks and challenges. Chad also shares his personal journey of building Ridgeline Minerals from the ground up, highlighting the roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship and the crucial role of financing, networking, and founder confidence. He also provides valuable insights into his career transition from geologist to CEO, emphasizing the significance of mentorship and the support of a knowledgeable board of directors.

As the world grappled with unprecedented challenges in 2020, Chad and Emily explore how the mining industry was forced to adapt. They discuss innovative strategies and creative partnerships that emerged amidst supply chain disruptions and industry bottlenecks. Chad shares an inspiring example of Ridgeline Minerals' successful exploration drilling partnership, emphasizing the power of collaboration and resource sharing to overcome obstacles and achieve breakthroughs.

Starting a new venture is never easy, and Chad shared his experiences of building Ridgeline Minerals from the ground up. He provided listeners with valuable insights into his career track and the unique challenges he faced along the way. From securing financing to forming partnerships and establishing networking relationships, every step requires dedication and resilience. Chad highlighted the importance of having a supportive and knowledgeable board of directors and mentors who provided guidance during critical decision-making processes. He emphasized that seeking advice and leveraging the expertise of those around you can significantly contribute to success in a leadership role.

Be sure to grab your Colonel E.H. Taylor in an Old Fashioned, or your Noah's Mill on the rocks, and tune in to the full episode to learn more! 

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