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Prospecting for your Career - Expert Tips from MRC Recruiting

We are joined by mining industry recruiting expert Lindsey Schultz, who shares her favorite tips to land that perfect position for your next career!

The mining industry is a critical sector that plays a vital role in the global economy - as it provides raw materials for manufacturing industries and supports other sectors such as transportation and energy. Moreover, the mining industry offers a wide range of job opportunities, including engineers, geologists, operators, technicians, and many more. Mining jobs can be financially rewarding, offer job security and opportunities for career advancement. Additionally, the mining industry fosters innovation, and you'll work with cutting-edge technologies that will challenge you and help you develop new skills!

We have teamed up with Lindsey Schultz, the CEO of MRC Recruiting to bring you some great tips and tricks for your mining career. Whether you’re a new graduate, looking to get into the industry from a different path, or change up your career, these will help you land that perfect position!

Tips for your Job Search from MRC

  1. Reverse Engineer Your Job Search

    I have often told candidates who are looking for new roles to ‘reverse engineer their job search’, but, what does that mean? 

    Rather than applying through traditional channels: job boards, through company websites, linkedin job ads, industry groups, etc. They should take a more deliberate approach by researching companies, locations, boards/management teams and cross referencing their networks (or our team at MRC)  to help provide introductions to those who may help advocate for them in the organization. 

    This is particularly relevant for those with experience outside of the mining industry, as well for higher level positions, business/corporate roles, for those with very niche or specific technical backgrounds, or those who have been ‘generalists’ and have worn a lot of hats and dont always fit well into a specific box but can add significant value to a team in an array of areas.

    Prospector would be a huge asset in ‘reverse engineering’ a job search, as you can search for particular mining and exploration projects that fit your interests, and quickly learn more information about them. Looking for exciting critical mineral exploration projects? How about producing operations in Colorado? Want to know who the CEO of a company is, and where they have worked before? With the easy to use Advanced Filter, Prospector helps you narrow down exactly what you're looking for and provides you with great information about the project to prepare for your interview, including production data, summaries, and high level executives and board members!

  2. Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

    Always do your research prior to an interview, particularly if you are new to mining. Take the time to read the company website, LinkedIn, you can even look at reviews on the company, use Prospector to learn the history of the mine/deposit and what other boards the Board of Directors may be part of. This allows candidates to make connections and have valuable insight to what is happening at the company. 

    It is also helpful to prepare notes and questions on areas you’d like more information about. Many people get excited or nervous in this scenario or forget things they’d like to ask or bypass them because they don't see the right time to ask.

    Remember, to find the best fit, it is equally important to interview your prospective employer as it is for them to interview you! 

  3. Express Your Interest & Say Thanks

    Ensure you remain at front of mind after an interview by sending a follow up note with something interesting or memorable about your meeting/interview. Prospector's database makes mining project and company information easily accessible, much of which may not be front and center on the company’s website! Use that information to craft a thank you note or email and continue to impress your future employer. 

    Also remember the mining industry is small, and even if you’re not selected for a role now, they may have something in the future and could remember you as a stand out due to your level of preparedness, qualifications, awesome personality and nice follow up note. 

Ready to Start Your Search?

Thanks so much to Lindsey for those fantastic tips! Whether you're looking to switch up your career or looking to get started in the mining industry, be sure to check out MRC Recruiting for great positions and resources! You can also tune into Lindsey's episode of the On the Rocks Podcast to hear more of her great insights and learn more!

Looking to "reverse engineer" your job search? Click here to try Prospector completely free! 

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