Mining and Diversity On the Rocks: Featuring Beatrice Opoku-Asare

Revisit this episode of On the Rocks with us, featuring Beatrice Opoku-Asare! Tune in to learn about work-life balance, diversity and inclusion, and more!

For this OTR Rewind, we revisit the episode featuring Beatrice Opoku-Asare! 

Emily and Beatrice first dig into the pandemic and how it changed their views on the workspaces of the mining industry, work-life balance, and more. Technology has changed the way the mining industry does the daily work, but also how we talk about the industry as a whole. 

"I think it gives the opportunity to do work differently, and doing work differently attracts a different talent pool."

Join Emily and Beatrice in discussing mining in popular media, and pondering how the industry can talk about itself in a better light. Often, the mining industry is featured as the "evil" entity in popular culture, but how can we change that public perception? 

Finally, dig into Beatrice's work in Diversity and Inclusion, and its importance to the mining industry. By opening the door to diverse thoughts and backgrounds, it can drastically improve the industry and propel it into the future. How can the mining industry work together to change the face of the industry? 

Beatrice Quote_Slide 2

Tune in to the full episode to learn more! 

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