The Game-Changing Potential of Geologic Hydrogen with Doug Wicks

Learn about the potential of geologic hydrogen as a primary energy source in this episode of On the Rocks with Doug Wicks, Program Director at ARPA-E!

On the latest episode of the On the Rocks, we had the pleasure of chatting with Doug Wicks, Program Director at ARPA-E, about his rabbit hole interest in geologic hydrogen and its potential as a primary energy source!

In this episode, we delved into geologic hydrogen 101. Doug outlined the different "colors" of hydrogen, and discussed what makes geologic hydrogen so fascinating. It could even be a game-changer in the energy industry.


We also talked about the challenges associated with mining hydrogen, including the energy sources required and the environmental impact. Doug shared his vision for a future where geologic hydrogen could become a primary energy source, and what it would take to get there.


As part of his work at ARPA-E, Doug is reaching out to students to talk about the future of mining and the challenges and opportunities it presents. He emphasized the need to transform the mining industry and bring it into the 21st century. However, he acknowledged the challenge of reaching beyond the "bubble" of those already interested in energy technology.

Overall, it was a fascinating conversation about the potential of geologic hydrogen and the work being done to make it a reality. If you're interested in the future of energy, this episode is definitely worth a listen! 

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