Splitting Facts from Fiction in Nuclear Energy with James Sykes

Dig into this special release episode of On the Rocks to discover more about nuclear energy and uranium, and it's potential as a green energy fuel!

For this special release episode of On the Rocks Podcast, guest host and Prospector's Head of Corporate Development, Gautam Iyer, sits down for a chat with James Sykes, CEO of Baselode Energy, to discuss all things uranium and nuclear energy! Dig into common misconceptions, exploration opportunities, and the possible future of this industry! 

Uranium is an essential element in our everyday lives, serving as a fuel for nuclear energy and powering various industries. It's an attractive alternative to fossil fuels in the clean energy space, due to its almost zero carbon emissions. Unfortunately, common misconceptions about this fuel source have prevented many nations from adopting this vital source of energy in the past. However, recently more nations are embracing this technology as a way to meet their CO2 reduction goals. 

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Gautam and James also dig into the famous Athabasca Basin in Canada, and what makes it different than other uranium deposits globally. James discusses his Athabasca 2.0 thesis, and how it might be a game changer in the uranium mining industry. He also lets us in on the cool technologies coming into the nuclear energy space! 

Be sure to tune into the full episode for a radiating good time, and lodes of great information! Prospector also recently released our 2023 Uranium Resource Report as a Free Download, so be sure to check that out! 

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