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OTR Revisited - Mining in the Movies

This week we are revisiting the Mining in the Movies episode of On the Rocks, featuring Tom Albanese! What is your favorite mining movie?

On Trend

Spooky Stones & Their Uses

It's scary season! Prospector is celebrating by sharing some of our favorite spooky minerals and metals from the team! Which is your favorite?


Commodity Trading 101 with Archie Hunter

What are commodity trading companies, what do they do, and what are their roles in the mining industry? Find out in the latest episode of On the...


Celebrating World Food Day with CIMMYT

In celebration of World Food Day, Prospector teams up with CIMMYT in a special episode of On the Rocks! Learn about mining's role in agriculture and...


Social Media in Mining with Ryan Sistad

How does public perception effect the mining industry, & how can social media help change that? Join us in a chat with Ryan Sistad this week On the...


Uranium 101 with Alex Michshenko

This episode of On the Rocks features Uranium 101 with Alex Michshenko, Head of US Operations at Kazatomprom Inc. Grab your glass and let's dig in!

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