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Weekly Nugget

Highlights From PDAC 2023!

We had a blast at PDAC 2023, and our team came away with valuable insights and some exciting news!

Weekly Nugget

Let's Get Ready for PDAC!

This week, we dig into how to use Prospector at PDAC to calculate life of mine, track projects, compare companies, and so much more!

Feature Updates

Maximize your Mining Conference Experience

Prospector and VRIFY have teamed up to bring you our best tips and tricks for getting the most out of your mining conference experience!


OTR Revisited - Mining Financing On the Rocks

We are revisiting guest Miranda Werstiuk in discussing her unique path entering the industry, and making the financing structure of mining projects...

Mining 101

Lithium - The White Gold of Clean Energy

Lithium's use in batteries has propelled it to the forefront of the clean energy revolution. Let's dig deep and learn more about this critical metal!

Weekly Nugget

Mining for a Greener Future

This week, we dig into how the mining industry plays a crucial role in a decarbonized future!

On Trend

Using Artificial Intelligence for Mining Data

Popular AI platforms are changing the way people research and interact with data. But, there are limitations! Check out how Prospector fills in the...

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