Uranium 101 with Alex Michshenko

This episode of On the Rocks features Uranium 101 with Alex Michshenko, Head of US Operations at Kazatomprom Inc. Grab your glass and let's dig in!

On this episode of On the Rocks, host Emily King chats with Alex Michshenko, the Head of US Operations of Kazatomprom. Alex and Emily chat about all things uranium! Alex kindly assures us he does not glow in the dark, as well as debunks some other uranium myths. 

The discussion starts with the importance of mining in central Asia, and the growing presence of mining in the area. 

“I think central Asia holds the key to unlocking many challenging situations arising before western producers these days. It is a very vast region with an absolutely extraordinary list of geological richness in mineral resources to offer to the global community.”

Uranium is often regarded as a government commodity that isn’t always well understood. Alex talks us through some uranium myths, as well as some uses and different stages of uranium as a mineral commodity. 

“Perhaps uranium is the most misunderstood and under-represented in terms of publicly covered commodity elements out there … for a number of decades this has been exclusively a government centered element that played a pivotal role in defense, countries energy policies, but also policies that spilled over into the military use.”

“I don’t think we as an industry are talking enough about these exciting and invigorating stages.”

What is some uranium information you’d like to know? Let us know in the comments! Grab your Taliskers Distillers Edition or Blantons and let’s dig in!

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