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Weekly Nugget

⛰️ Catching Our Breath From Colorado!

We had a great week at the Precious Metals Summit, and we're looking forward to all the exciting ideas from around the industry!

Weekly Nugget

 🔎 Searching High And Low

Get the latest mining industry news from space to the deep sea in this weeks Nugget!


Recruiting in Mining - OTR Rewind

In this OTR Rewind, we are revisiting the episode featuring Lindsey Schultz, and chatting all things mining recruiting! Tune in to the full episode!

Weekly Nugget

In Copper We Trust

Get our thoughts on Ai, the growing importance of copper, and the latest mining industry news in this week's Nugget!

Weekly Nugget

The Robots Are Taking Over! 🤖

Technical reports and drill results are back in The Nugget! Plus, check out news about the impact of AI on the mining industry.

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