OTR Rewind - Geology and Frontier Markets with Daniele Spethmann

On this OTR Rewind, we revisit the Geology & Frontier Markets episode with Daniele Spethmann, President & CEO of Warrior Gold Inc! Tune in!

On this episode of On the Rocks Podcast, Emily King was joined by her good friend Daniele Spethmann to delve into their shared experiences in the frontier markets and explored the intricacies of the mining industry in these regions.

Daniele shed light on the differences between exploration and mining companies and how the community perception varies with the distinction. She emphasized the significance of mining as a primary industry that produces the metals required for other industries such as farming, fishing, and logging to produce their first dollars.

“I like to say to people - there are 4 primary industries: farming, fishing, logging, and mining. You have to make a dollar before you can do anything else. … and it’s the miners that produce the metals for the farmers, the fishermen, and the loggers to produce their first dollars. … It’s a primary industry and it’s essential.”

The conversation then shifted to the importance of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and how it is driving mining industry and investment. Daniele emphasized the need for investors to pay close attention to these factors and ask the tough questions to ensure that things are being done properly.

For new investors looking into the mining industry, Daniele offered insights into the role that location of assets and company board members play in investment decisions. She acknowledged that mining can be intimidating to retail investors, but emphasized the need for the industry to be more accessible. The duo discussed the questions investors can ask about a mining company to ensure that it aligns with their values and beliefs. They also talked about the importance of mining and family and how entrepreneurship provides the flexibility to maintain a work-life balance.

Emily and Daniele shared their experiences of working in exploration geology in frontier markets and the significance of licking rocks (but not drill cores!). The episode ended with submitted questions and advice for young mining industry professionals.

Grab your favorite drink, a Manhattan like Daniele, or a Basil Hayden bourbon like Emily, and tune in to the full episode!


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