Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Mining with BHP Xplor

This week on On the Rocks we dig into the BHP Xplor program with Sonia Scarselli, and how it might help create innovation in the mining industry.

Humans have been mining minerals and metals since prehistoric times, propelling  invention and craftsmanship. Yet while methods for extracting ore have changed quite a bit since the days of the pickaxe-miner, much of the original inventiveness and processes for exploration have surprisingly stayed the same. This is even more apparent when compared to other natural resource industry peers. A fresh spice of technology and strategy may be what kickstarts some much-needed innovation in the mining space.

This week on On the Rocks, host Emily King chats with Sonia Scarselli, Vice President of the BHP Xplor program, which is taking a page from the technology industry and bringing in a new type of "incubator" to mining. Sonia discusses the importance of bringing new, disruptive thinking to the industry, and how the BHP Xplor program is working with new projects, companies, and individuals to inspire entrepreneurship, new methods for exploration, and perhaps the next mining hero legends / legendary miners.

Listen to the full episode to learn more below, and if you'd like to learn more or apply to the BHP Xplor program find that information here!

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