Insights & Investments in Mining with Michael Konnert

On this episode of OTR, we chat with Michael Konnert on key decision points for investing in mining companies and the role of mining in decarbonization.

This week on On the Rocks, Emily King sits down with Michael Konnert, a seasoned entrepreneur in the mining industry and co-founder and managing director of Inventa Capital and CEO of Vizsla Silver.

Michael shares his insights on key decision points for investing in mining companies and the importance of people and communication in strategy. He also discusses the role of mining in decarbonization, including investment in projects and sponsorship of an electric rally race car!

"What I've learned from my experience is really that the most important decisions have to do around people, and decisions can be influenced, but basically strategy and everything all comes down to people and communication."

Towards the end of the episode, Emily and Michael delve into the topic of entrepreneurship in the mining industry. They discuss the need for entrepreneurs in the space and the challenges of finding talent and capital to break into the industry.

If you're interested in the mining industry or simply want to hear from a successful entrepreneur, be sure to tune into the full episode. Don't forget to grab your favorite drink - whether it's Topo Chico or Rabbit Hole Whiskey - and join the conversation!

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