From Data Dumping to Compelling Communication with Steve de Jong

This week on OTR, we are joined by Steve de Jong, CEO of VRIFY, to dig into how technology is transforming the way the mining industry tells its story!

The mining industry has always been an essential player in the global economy, providing critical materials that power many of the technologies we use every day. However, the industry has also been facing increasing scrutiny from various stakeholders, including governments, communities, and investors. This is where VRIFY comes in, a tech company that is changing how mining companies share their stories with the world.

On the recent episode of the On the Rocks podcast, VRIFY co-founder and CEO Stephen de Jong discussed how the company is using technology to change the perception of the mining industry and communicate its value to different communities. Mining companies have historically struggled with transparency and accessibility of information, often resorting to data dumping instead of presenting information in a way that people can use.

VRIFY's platform allows mining companies to showcase their projects, history, and evolution in a way that is visually compelling and easy to understand. By using virtual reality and other cutting-edge technologies, VRIFY is helping to bridge the gap between the mining industry and the broader public.

"Every conversation in mining, or anything, every participant in that conversation is looking for something different ... I think by creating this almost immersive experience and bringing people to the project [virtually], it sets them up to ask the right questions."

The conversation also touched on how communication technology and innovation are changing the way people invest in the industry. As more investors seek out companies with a focus on sustainability and social responsibility, mining companies must adapt and embrace innovation to attract capital. Emily and Steve suggest that perhaps investing in innovation should be viewed in the same way as investing in a junior mining company, with the potential for high risk but also high reward.

VRIFY's approach to storytelling and technology is a significant step forward for the mining industry. By using innovative tools to communicate the value of mining and address concerns from various stakeholders, we can create a more sustainable future for everyone involved. It's clear that the mining industry has a crucial role to play in the global economy, and by leveraging new technologies, we can ensure that it continues to thrive while also meeting the needs of the present and future generations.

Tune in to the full episode below!

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