Recruiting in Mining - OTR Rewind

In this OTR Rewind, we are revisiting the episode featuring Lindsey Schultz, and chatting all things mining recruiting! Tune in to the full episode!

The mining industry is facing a large potential problem as baby boomers retire in droves. But where is the new talent to fill this expanding skills gap?

host Emily King sat down with Lindsey Schultz, CEO of MRC Recruiting, to uncover solutions to the industry's recruitment challenges.

With unique insights from the frontlines of mining hiring, Lindsey shares insider tips on how miners can attract and retain top talent across generations. From emphasizing work-life balance to tell more compelling stories, the mining industry has opportunities to secure its future workforce.

Here are some of our key takeaways from the episode:

  • Focus on Culture, Work-Life Balance, and Flexibility
    • Millennials and younger talent prioritize alignment with company values, career development, and work-life integration. Offering remote flexibility and progressive policies can give a competitive edge.
  • Look Beyond Mining to Fill the Skills Gap
    • With transferable skills from engineering to tech, miners from other industries can bring fresh perspectives. Be open-minded to non-traditional backgrounds.
  • Inspire Students and Tell Real Stories
    • Bringing the next generation into mining starts early. From elementary school programs to highlighting inspirational leaders, sharing stories uniquely captures the imagination.
  • The Power of Connections and Reputation
    • In the tight-knit industry, relationships and reputations are king. Maintain your network and use connections to progress.
  • Top Tips for Mining Job Seekers

Be sure to grab a Jefferson's Ocean or a La Crema Pinot Noir, and dig in! 

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