OTR Revisited - Mining Adventures on the Rocks Featuring Phil Hopwood

This week we are traveling back in time and revisiting our very first episode of On the Rocks, featuring Phil Hopwood!

On this very first episode of On the Rocks host and founder of Prospector, Emily King, chats with Phil Hopwood, founder and principal at KWR Capital.

Emily and Phil discuss junior mining companies and their importance, the difference between valuation and evaluation of companies, and the future of the mining industry. We also get to listen in on one of Phil’s favorite mining adventures! 

“I would put forward the hypothesis that the people who are investing in mining right now, especially in the junior sector, are still the people who have invested in the past, it’s not new investors”

“We like the industry, but not everyone likes the industry. You look at the skill shortages that still exist in mining in general, and it is a fright. It is an industry populated by old people at the mine site, nevermind the people in the board rooms, and the skilled people are not coming through.”

Fill your glass with some Woodford Reserve or Buffalo Trace bourbon and join the adventure!

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