OTR Revisited - Mining Financing On the Rocks

We are revisiting guest Miranda Werstiuk in discussing her unique path entering the industry, and making the financing structure of mining projects work.

This episode of On The Rocks features Miranda Werstuik, the Director of Corporate Development at OCIM Precious Metals SA. She has been involved in transactions with junior, mid-tier, and senior exploration, development, and producing natural resources, as well as technology companies, totaling over C$165 million.

Miranda walks us through her unconventional path into the mining industry, and how her unique perspective and hard work moved her through many different opportunities in mining financing. Emily and Miranda also discuss Bre-X, and how the NI 43-101 changed the financial game. 

“People just don’t understand I think sometimes that if you don’t grow it you have to mine it, to the chairs we’re sitting on, the computers we’re on, it all comes from the earth”

Miranda also talks us through mining culture and how anthropology can play a role in corporations, especially mining hierarchy and building mines in different parts of the world. 

“I would guess, if you put anthropologists into any mining company, and it doesn’t have to be full time, but just to provide guidance around their own internal structure, … and when you’re building a project let's say in East Africa, how do you understand what those communities want and what they need? And how do you go in and not step all over people?”

Grab your glass and let’s tune in!

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