Understanding Cyanide in Mining with Benedikt Kirchgaessler

This week on OTR, we are joined by Benedikt Kirchgaessler of CyanoGuard to discuss cyanide 101 and the adaption of digital technologies in mining! Tune in!

Cyanide is a chemical commonly used in gold mining to extract gold from ore. Although many people are aware of its use, they may not understand how the process works or the risks involved in using it. Proper management and monitoring can help decrease the risk of using cyanide for extraction.

This week on On the Rocks, we are joined by Benedikt Kirchgaessler, the founder and CEO of CyanoGuard, a company that specializes in monitoring and managing cyanide. Through his research and practical experience, he realized the importance of monitoring and managing the use of cyanide in mining. CyanoGuard has a range of customers from different industries, including almond producers and breweries, although most of the customer base is the mining industry.

Despite its widespread use, the way cyanide has been used in mining has not changed in the past 20-30 years. This has had an impact on interactions within the mining industry and the way cyanide is used as a product.

"As we went to the mines, we saw the need is for re-automating [process control] and helping the miners make the right decision"

To adapt to new challenges and become more sustainable and efficient, the mining industry needs to adopt new digital technologies and processes. Digital process control will have a huge impact on All-in Sustaining Costs (AISC) in the future.

Understanding the use of cyanide in mining and the importance of monitoring and sustainability is crucial. By embracing digital technology and investing in digital process control, the mining industry can change for the better!

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