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Learn how we make Mining and Metals data simple

Frustrated with your current process of finding essential Mining & Metals data? Learn more about how Prospector has made things simple.

Do you want to see what the latest in technology can bring to the old school mining and metals industry? Tired of sifting through SEDAR reports to find the piece of information you're looking for? 

The Prospector team has been hard at work to bring access and transparency to mining data! Watch the video below to see some of our newest features, including: 

  • An interactive globe view
  • Advanced filters & sorting options
  • Adding to lists and saving or exporting
  • Resource, Reserve, and Production data
  • Open text search of news filings & technical reports
  • and more!


Points of Interest:

  • 0:52 - Who is Prospector?
  • 4:50 - How to sign up for your free trial
  • 6:15 - Prospector Webapp Demo
  • 19:20 - Exciting Updates and Upcoming Features
  • 22:00 - Q&A with Gautam Iyer, Head of Corporate Development

Ready to dig into the world of mining data? 

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