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Prospecting For Opportunities

As the industry works towards global decarbonization, mining is going to be more important than ever.

🗨  Prospecting For Opportunities

The mining industry is facing a talent squeeze, with mining engineering graduate numbers down 39% from 2014 in the USA and 63% in Australia. Even outside of mining engineering, younger audiences often don’t even consider the mining industry as a career option. As the world heads toward global decarbonization goals, mining will be more critical than ever. But how do we attract the talent to keep the industry moving forward? It’s essential to start to think about how we talk about the industry to the general public, bringing in new technology and attracting diverse talent from across the world and other industries! We hope you enjoy this week's Nugget and encourage you to send it to a friend who may be considering the mining industry! 

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Prospector’s new Nugget Monthly Roundup!

This week we were joined by MRC Recruiting CEO, Lindsey Schultz, to discuss some of her favorite tips for mining industry careers! Whether you’re new to the industry, checking out opportunities, or looking to change up your career, Lindsey shares some of her favorite tips and tricks for you! Get all the tips here.


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“The job saved my life.”

Underground miner and TikTok sensation Cory Rockwell describes finding his calling as an underground miner in Nevada after feeling lost in Los Angeles. Despite the physically and emotionally demanding nature of his job, he finds fulfillment in the camaraderie and good pay. Cory hopes to break stereotypes associated with the mining industry and encourage others to consider it as a career option.

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Weekly Gold Drilling Highlights From MinerDeck 

Copper Industry Warns of Looming Supply Gap Without More Mines

The world could face a copper shortage within a decade that could seriously impede the green energy transition, according to the International Copper Association (ICA). Despite expected annual global copper supply increasing by 26% to 38.5 million tonnes by 2035, the ICA warned that it would still fall 1.7% short of demand, even with increased recycling. Without enough copper, electric vehicle manufacturers may be forced to use less copper or turn to the less efficient aluminum. Regulatory approval for new copper mines has fallen to the lowest level in a decade, while mining can take up to 20 years to permit and build.

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Researchers push for using microbes to recover minerals, store carbon from mine tailings

Researchers at the University of Waterloo have found a new technique that uses microbes to recover metals and capture carbon dioxide from mine tailings. The scientists found that microbes break down ore and recover valuable metals in a fast and eco-friendly way through a process called bioleaching. The microbes also capture carbon dioxide from the air and store it in mine tailings as new minerals. The research shows that microbial mineral carbonation could offset over 30% of a mine's annual greenhouse gas emissions if applied to an entire mine, making it a potential game-changer in the fight against climate change.

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