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The E in ESG

With Earth Day this week, we are digging into the mining industries latest efforts to achieve a greener future!

🗨 The E in ESG 

The mining industry is on the cusp of a transformational shift as it plays a pivotal role in providing the materials for the global drive toward decarbonization. This means the industry has to rethink its practices and embrace sustainability to ensure that the materials it offers align with the world's changing demands. The mining sector is already making significant strides with new technologies, equipment, and a fresh perspective to achieve a greener future! Our #MiningFuturist team at Prospector keeps a keen eye on these exciting innovations and eagerly anticipates what the future holds for this vital industry!

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Emily King


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 🔥 What's New

Earth Day 2023

April 22nd was the 53rd Earth Day! Earth Day was established in the spring of 1970 by Senator Gaylord Nelson in an effort to bring awareness to the environment and promote regulatory mechanisms to protect it. Twenty million Americans demonstrated that year to bring the issue to Congress, and now an estimated 1 billion people each year get involved in Earth Day activities!

So, how did the mining industry celebrate? 

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🎧 On The Rocks

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📰 In The News

Canadian Dealmakers expect Low-Carbon shift to drive Mining M&A

Advisors to mergers and acquisitions in Canada expect government subsidies for low-carbon technologies to drive dealmaking in mining, particularly for copper, nickel, lithium, and cobalt, which are crucial to renewable energy systems and electric vehicles. Canada has expanded investment tax credits for equipment needed by mining companies, which is sparking companies to scale up. 

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Mining Lithium in Abandoned Oil Fields for Tomorrow’s EVs

Early-stage mining companies are targeting abandoned oil fields in Alberta for their large deposits of saltwater known as brine that contain traces of lithium, the coveted ingredient in electric-vehicle batteries. Direct lithium extraction (DLE) is an early-stage technology that seeks to hasten extraction while reducing water consumption at a fraction of the cost. DLE offers “significant promise” for increasing supply while reducing the environmental impact of lithium mining, according to a 2022 report by McKinsey.

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Mining Companies Need New Strategies to Deliver Low-Carbon Transition

Smart energy and resource companies will shift their focus from legacy cash cows to low-carbon growth opportunities and manage their portfolios to achieve a balance between the two, according to a report by Wood Mackenzie. The report suggests companies must incorporate transition risks and rewards into investment decisions and use new business models to enable growth and close valuation discounts. The move towards low-carbon investment will be spurred by a variety of factors, including government support schemes, customer-driven markets and higher borrowing rates.

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Indigenous Woman Wins Prize for Campaign Against Mining Firms in Amazon

Alessandra Korap Munduruku was recently awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize for 2023. She organized community efforts to stop mining development by Anglo American in Brazil's Amazon rainforest. Anglo American has engaged with the Brazilian Indigenous Peoples Association to address their concerns, and has resulted in other major mining companies dropping prospecting permits on Indigenous lands in Brazil.

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Gold Drilling Highlights from MinerDeck 

⛏️ New Technical Reports 

Technical reports are free to view! Just click the “sign up button” and use LinkedIn, Google, or Apple credentials to sign in! 

El Zancudo

El Zancudo

Company: Denarius Metals Corp. (DSLV:TSXV) 

Geography: Columbia

Minerals: Gold, Silver

Date: 4/13/23

Lac Knife Project

Lac Knife Project

Company: Focus Graphite Inc. (FMS:TSXV) 

Geography: Canada

Minerals: Graphite

Date: 4/17/23


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