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April Showers Bring May Drilling!

As the weather warms up and mines in the Northern Hemisphere kick back into gear, we look into the latest in mining news, insights, and developments.

🗨 April Showers Bring May Drilling! 

Spring is always an exciting time in the mining industry - with the beginning of fieldwork, drill programs, and sunshine! We aren't sure about you all, but the Prospector team is feeling an extra surge of anticipation for what's to come this year. The buzz that we felt at PDAC earlier this year was just the beginning, and it's only getting stronger as we witness significant developments in technology, exploration, ESG, and critical minerals, which are gaining momentum worldwide. We're not alone in this feeling; many of our friends and colleagues share the same sentiment. Mining is on the cusp of an exciting future, and we can't wait to see what's in store for the industry! 

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 🔥 What's New

Prospector’s new Nugget Monthly Roundup!

The Prospector team hopped on LinkedIn Live to chat about all things mining news from April! Watch the replay below and be sure to follow us to catch the next one! 

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🎧 On The Rocks

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📰 In The News

Lithium Mining Decisions Must Be In the Public Interest, Chile Economy Minister Says

The Chilean government has revealed plans to take a controlling stake in future public-private partnerships in the country's biggest lithium deposits, according to Economy Minister Nicolas Grau. The move comes as the South American country seeks to manage the development of its resources in a way that benefits national interests, Grau said. The government will negotiate with prospective partners, including current producers SQM and Albemarle, but at the end of the day, companies' strategic decisions must be aligned with national interests, he added. Chile has the world's largest reserves of lithium, a key component in the clean-energy transition.

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April Lithium Drill Highlights from MinerDeck 

Glencore says takeover bid for Teck stands after spinoff fails

Glencore confirmed on Thursday that it will not give up on its takeover bid for Teck Resources after the Canadian company scrapped its plan to split into two. Teck withdrew the plan, which would have separated its copper and coal businesses, ahead of a key shareholder vote, having failed to convince the majority to back it. Glencore had been campaigning to persuade Teck’s shareholders to reject the split and instead accept its $23bn unsolicited offer, promising a higher bid.

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Caterpillar and NMG strengthen their zero-exhaust emission collaboration

Caterpillar will supply heavy mining equipment, supporting infrastructure and services to Nouveau Monde Graphite's (NMG) Matawinie Mine in Canada, under an integrated solution covering a zero-exhaust emission fleet. In addition, the two firms have signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding to advance discussions targeting NMG's active anode material, which would create a circular value chain. NMG would supply carbon-neutral graphite materials to Caterpillar for the development of its battery supply chain to electrify heavy vehicles, including NMG's Matawinie fleet.

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Zimbabwe’s gold backed currency plan requires $100m of gold

Zimbabwe's central bank has said it requires $100m worth of gold to back its digital currency. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe launched its digital token, which is backed by bullion, in an attempt to stabilize the country's traditional currency, the Zimbabwean dollar, which has been hit by fluctuating exchange rates and soaring inflation. Holders can exchange their money for digital tokens to protect themselves against fluctuations. Zimbabwe introduced gold coins in June 2022 to stabilize the local currency, with the digital tokens set to act as digital representations of those coins.

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⛏️ New Technical Reports 

Technical reports are free to view! Just click the “sign up button” and use LinkedIn, Google, or Apple credentials to sign in! 

Borba 2

Borba 2

Company: Europacific Metals Inc. (EUP:TSXV) 

Geography: Portugal

Minerals: Copper, Gold

Date: 4/24/23

Nicobat Project

Nicobat Project

Company: Formation Metals Inc. (FCO:TSX)

Geography: Canada

Minerals: Copper, Nickel, Cobalt

Date: 4/25/23

North american lithium project

North American Lithium Project

Company: Sayona Mining Ltd. (SYA:XASX)

Geography: Canada

Minerals: Lithium

Date: 4/25/23


Radis property


Radis Property

Company: Ophir Gold Corp. (OPHR:TSXV)

Geography: Canada

Minerals: Gold

Date: 4/25/23


Yellow jacket


Yellow Jacket Placer Mine

Company: Yellow Jacket Partners & Associates

Geography: USA

Minerals: Gold

Date: 4/21/23



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