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🚨 Prospector At Upcoming Conferences

 We are excited to have our founder and CEO, Emily King, attending two conferences next week! If you’re at either of these, be sure to reach out and catch up!

SME NY Current Trends in Mining Finance

  • May 20-22 in New York City
  • Listen to Emily at Panel II.6; Why “AI” is wrong: Technology’s role in optimization of finance, engineering, and operations. This session discusses the present state of innovation in the mining industry and forecasts the interaction of business fundamentals and technology.

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ERG Kazakhstan Industrial IT Forum

  • May 24 in Astana, Kazakhstan
  • This Industrial IT Forum is showcasing the best practices of digital solutions for Mining and Metallurgy. Forum participants can explore the latest real cases from industrial heavy hitters, learn about the latest IT trends, and take advantage of networking opportunities.
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🎧 On The Rocks

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Submit Your Burning Questions To "The Hot Seat!"

Have a burning question about the mining industry, the future of tech in mining, or the right bourbon to pair with a NY strip? We're putting On the Rocks host and Prospector CEO, Emily King, in the hot seat! And this time, YOU get the be the hosts! Submit your questions today and see if Emily can take the heat.

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Copper Can't Be Mined Fast Enough To Electrify The US

  • The University of Michigan study reveals that current copper mining rates cannot support the U.S. transition to renewable energy and electric vehicles as planned in the Inflation Reduction Act.
  • Establishing new copper mines is slow, with a 20-year average from discovery to permit, and an unprecedented increase in production is necessary to meet global electric vehicle demands.
  • Researchers recommend focusing on hybrid vehicles rather than fully electric ones and urge policymakers to rethink copper allocation and mining policies.

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UK Mining Giant To Offload De Beers Diamond Business 

  • Anglo American plans to restructure by selling or demerging parts of its business, including the De Beers diamond operation and its platinum division, after rejecting a £34bn takeover bid from BHP.
  • The restructuring aims to focus on key areas like copper and premium iron ore, aligning with growing demand linked to the shift towards renewable energy and electric vehicles.
  • Despite rejecting two offers from BHP, Anglo American is moving forward with significant changes, including keeping some divisions like Kumba Iron Ore and reducing investment in others like the Woodsmith potash mine.

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Red Pine Plans New Resource, Downplays Alleged Assay Fraud At Ontario Gold Project

  • Red Pine Exploration's former CEO, Quentin Yarie, is accused of altering 532 drill core assays, affecting the company's 2019 resource estimate for its Wawa gold project in Ontario.
  • The alterations could reduce the Wawa project's resource by up to 12%, although the new CEO, Michael Michaud, remains optimistic about the project's potential.
  • Red Pine has halted drilling and plans a new resource update with verified assays, amid a significant share price drop following the revelation of the assay discrepancies.

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IEA Warns World Falling Short On Critical Mineral Mining

  • The International Energy Agency highlights a need for $800 billion investment in mining critical minerals like lithium and cobalt by 2040 to support clean energy demands and combat climate change.
  • The Bureau of Land Management proposes halting new coal leasing in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming and Montana, following a court mandate to revise a land use plan from the Trump era.
  • Midwest states have attracted nearly $30 billion in private investments for clean energy manufacturing following the Inflation Reduction Act, while potential risks loom if U.S. climate policies are repealed.

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Hot Commodity Silver Sets Pace As Demand And Deficit Drive Rally

  • Silver has significantly outperformed gold in 2024, rising by nearly 25% due to strong financial and industrial demand, yet it remains relatively undervalued compared to gold.
  • The gold-to-silver ratio has shifted from above 90 in January to about 80, indicating silver's increasing value relative to gold; analysts predict this could narrow further if the economic conditions and interest rate cuts align favorably.
  • Silver's demand is bolstered by its industrial applications, particularly in clean-energy technologies like solar panels, leading to a market deficit and significant drawdowns from global stockpiles.

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