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Understanding The Commodity Cycle Using M&A Activity

  • Surging M&A activity can signal a market top due to the fear of missing out (FOMO) affecting both small investors and major corporate executives in the mining industry.
  • The number and value of M&A deals provide a barometer for market sentiment, as seen during previous commodity cycles with peaks in 2007 and 2010-12 marking market highs before corrections.
  • Despite recent high commodity prices, current M&A activity, like BHP's bid for Anglo, suggests we are far from a market top, presenting a value opportunity for investors as junior mining stocks trade at multi-year lows.

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Perth Mint Celebrates 125 Years

  • On June 20, the Perth Mint celebrated 125 years of continuous operations, originally established as a branch of Britain's Royal Mint during Western Australia's gold rush in 1899.
  • Since 1987, under WA Government ownership and operated by Gold Corporation, the Mint has grown into a global precious metals business and popular tourist attraction, supporting the gold industry and contributing to WA's economy.
  • To commemorate the anniversary, special coins have been released, highlighting the Mint's legacy of excellence, innovation, and significant economic contributions to Western Australia over the past 125 years.

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More Than Minerals: Why Mid-Stream Capacity Is Key To Canada’s Industrial Future

  • Canada’s strengths in mining, clean energy, and sustainability lay a strong foundation, but to succeed in the global energy transition, these capabilities must be leveraged by industry, government, communities, and investors.
  • Building midstream processing capacity is crucial for translating raw mineral production into materials needed for advanced technologies, which requires scaling up from pilot to full-scale operations and ensuring consistent supply.
  • Establishing commercialization hubs, focusing on development in research and development, enhancing human resource capacity, and incentivizing investment will bolster Canada’s critical minerals supply chain and support the country’s re-industrialization efforts.

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