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Fireside Chat: Deep Sea Mineral Collection, The New Frontier

Join Emily King and Craig Shesky, CEO of The Metals Company, to learn about changing regulations in the mining industry and economic advantages that are opening up what is potentially the world’s largest source of critical metals.

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Join Us For Lunch On June 26 At 12:00 PM EST

The Prospector team will be chatting about mining data, the importance of accessibility and transparency in industry data, the differences in global technical reports, and more. We've also been working on some exciting new platform updates, which might make an appearance! Come with your thoughts, comments, and questions.

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Across the globe, the mining industry celebrated the International Day of Women in Mining this weekend! While the official day was on June 15, IWiM hosted a live stream celebration on June 18 that featured panelists and viewers from around the world!

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How To Attract Silicon Valley And Gen Zs

  • Silicon Valley could support the mining industry with funding and technology, but tech experts shouldn't run mines, according to conference panellists.
  • Tyler Hall of ExploreTech and Atusa Sadeghi of Resource Capital Funds highlight the interest and potential of young technologists and investors in modernizing mining operations and improving sustainability.
  • Hugo Schumann of Hindustan Zinc emphasizes the importance of water conservation and upgrading processing methods, while cautioning against venture capitalists owning mines due to the specialized expertise required.

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The Metals Company, SGS Make World’s First Cobalt Sulphate From Seafloor Nodules

  • The Metals Company (TMC) has successfully produced the world’s first cobalt sulphate exclusively from seafloor polymetallic nodules, demonstrating its potential as a resource.
  • TMC plans to begin commercial mining of these nodules by late 2025, following their earlier production of nickel sulphate and ongoing environmental impact studies in the Clarion-Clipperton zone.

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Global Nickel Prices Have Probably Hit A Floor, Says Macquarie

  • Nickel prices have likely bottomed out, with Macquarie analyst Jim Lennon forecasting a market recovery driven by strong steel sector demand and reduced ore supplies due to Indonesia's production permit slowdown.
  • LME cash nickel prices are expected to rebound to $20,500 per ton in 2025 and $23,000 per ton in 2028, following current trading around $17,500 per ton.
  • Strong stainless steel production in China and Indonesia and resumed growth in the battery sector in 2024 will support nickel demand, with primary nickel consumption projected to grow 8.9% this year.

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