Deep Sea Mining & Nodule 101 with Gerard Barron

From science fiction to reality - join us in learning about deep sea mining and the green energy transition with Gerard Barron!

Deep sea mining - is it science fiction or reality? While many movies and books portray deep sea mining as a work of futuristic technologies or even imagination, it’s actually a process that has been 150 years in the making! 

In 1872, the HMS Challenger set sail on an expedition to map the ocean. A group of scientists, sea captains, and even an artist sailed 68,890 nautical miles surveying and exploring the ocean. The expedition cataloged over 4,000 previously unknown species, took the first pictures of icebergs, and discovered a treasure on the ocean floor: manganese nodules. Now, 150 years later, these polymetallic nodules could help pave the way for the green energy transition. 

For this episode Emily and Gerard Barron, CEO of The Metals Company, discuss Nodule 101, the technology that makes sea mining possible, and how these metals can help steer us into the lower carbon future.

Grab your Jefferson’s Ocean or Bundaberg Rum, and let’s dive in!


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