Out of this World Wealth: Top 10 Most Valuable Asteroids

As natural resources continue to be depleted on Earth and space travel technology advances, are people looking to the stars for mining opportunities?

53 years ago, humans first landed on the moon. Now, as of 2021, over 600 people have been to space. Space travel technology is improving rapidly, as we have seen recently with the advances of companies such as SpaceX. With this progress, could the future of mining and metals be in the stars?

Asteroids often contain base minerals and metals such as iron, nickel, and magnesium. However, they can also contain iridium, palladium, platinum, cobalt, and gold, which makes them extra appealing for asteroid mining enthusiasts. As Mining Futurists here at Prospector, it has us wondering - what would be the most valuable asteroids to mine? Check out the infographic below to find out!

The Most Valuable Asteroids_Chart

Graphic based on information via Statista

You don't have to build a spaceship to find minerals and metals though! Explore mining projects right here on your home planet with ease, try Prospector today!

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