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Mining Financing - How embracing technology could change the game

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The mining industry faced significant challenges in 2023 – fluctuating commodity prices, permitting delays, geopolitical uncertainties. As 2024 begins, inflationary pressures and market volatility persist even as demand rises for minerals essential to the global energy transition.

In a recent panel featuring experts from Prospector and VRIFY, financing trends impacting mining took center stage. While rising costs strain margins industry-wide, promising signals appear on metals integral for clean energy technologies. Government incentives and partnerships across battery/EV supply chains likewise bring new tailwinds.


To attract investor interest amidst the turbulence, both time-tested and innovative approaches take on renewed importance. While sound technical reports and drill results always underpin opportunity, employing advanced analytics and AI can make communicating these reports more effective, and mineral exploration better targeted and cost-efficient. Majors and tech firms who share these capabilities with juniors may profit through equity arrangements.

Clearer communication remains key to reaching broader investor audiences. Translating technical details into understandable language and connecting mining to consumer technologies essential in modern life, today’s explorers can expand their funding pools.

The path forward undoubtedly poses challenges, but the strategies discussed reinforce that opportunities exist for resilient companies positioned to ride current market dynamics. 

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