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In this month's roundup we dig into technical reports, what our team likes and dislikes about the different standards, and more! Be sure to stay until the end of the replay, Jon shared a sneak peek of some amazing updates to the Prospector interface that will be coming soon! 

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Investing In Innovation Will Secure Vital Critical Minerals For The Energy Transition – Here's Where To Start

  • The energy transition is increasing demand for critical minerals essential for low-carbon technologies.
  • Investing in innovation can make critical minerals more available, sustainable, and affordable, balancing supply and demand.
  • Collaborative efforts by industry, governments, and investors can support and finance the development and deployment of these innovations.

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Biden Administration Blocks Controversial Mining Road In Alaska

  • The Biden administration is blocking a proposed road for mining in Alaska and plans to protect 28 million acres of land from oil, gas, and mining development.
  • The decision to block the road is final, while the protection of the lands still requires final approval, reversing Trump-era decisions.
  • President Biden stated that the move protects Native communities and wildlife, particularly the Western Arctic caribou herd, and maintains the natural wonders of Alaska.

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Queensland's Last Uranium Mining Town, Mary Kathleen, Vanished Into The Outback As It Was Stripped Bare And Sold

  • Gail Wipaki has preserved hundreds of items from Mary Kathleen, a uranium mining town that was dismantled in 1982.
  • The town, once home to about 1,000 residents, had a vibrant community life but is now remembered through photos and memorabilia.
  • Robbie Katter, a state member for Traeger, sees uranium mining as a significant opportunity for north-west Queensland, which holds 2% of global uranium reserves.

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Giant Sinkhole Appears In Illinois Soccer Field Following Mine Collapse

  • A massive sinkhole appeared in the middle of a soccer field in Alton, Illinois, following the collapse of a nearby limestone mine operated by New Frontier Materials.
  • The sinkhole measures about 100 feet wide and 30 feet deep, leading to the cancellation of all sporting events at Gordon Moore Park; fortunately, no injuries or casualties were reported.
  • Local officials and the construction materials company are investigating the incident, which occurred close to where a summer camp had taken place a week earlier, with the event described as "surreal" and "like a movie" by park authorities.

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