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Who Is This Month's Guest On The Monthly Mining Roundup?

As Founder and CEO of Trident Maor, LLC, Alex Michshenko has over 18 years of experience in the nuclear energy industry, and has a deep understanding of the complex and dynamic challenges the global energy market faces today. We're excited to get his insights on all things uranium from the past, present, and future!"

Mark your calendar for April 30 at 12:00pm EST for the latest "lunch and learn" panel at this month's Mining Roundup. 

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April Monthly Mining Roundup

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Costco Is Selling Up To $200 Million Of Gold Bars And Silver Coins Every Month

Costco has been experiencing significant sales of gold bars and silver coins, amounting to up to $200 million monthly, according to analysis by Wells Fargo. The warehouse chain began selling gold bars last year, leading to increased online discussion and demand. While the gold bars are currently sold out on Costco's website, customers have been able to purchase up to five bars each. Additionally, silver coins advertised as 99.9% pure silver have been available since January. Despite the surge in precious metal prices, analysts suggest that Costco's profit margins from this venture may be minimal. Nonetheless, the substantial sales volumes represent a new revenue stream for the company.

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Why Africa’s Critical Minerals Are Key To U.S. National Security

The USIP report underscores the significance of U.S. involvement in Africa's critical minerals sector to reduce reliance on China, enhance national security, and advance foreign policy interests. It outlines actionable steps for the U.S. to establish mineral partnerships with African nations, advocating for transparent and mutually beneficial development practices to mitigate conflict risks. Highlighting the vulnerabilities of U.S. dependency on Chinese mineral sources, the report advocates for diversifying supply chains through African partnerships. Emphasizing the need for transparent governance and infrastructure development, it urges increased U.S. engagement and investment in African critical minerals to safeguard both economic and national defense interests.

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Komatsu Mining Truck Named 2024 ‘Coolest Thing Made In Illinois’

A mining truck produced by Komatsu in Peoria, Illinois, emerged as the victor of the 2024 “Makers Madness” contest, earning the prestigious title of “the coolest thing made in Illinois.” The truck, boasting a hauling capacity of up to 400 tons and featuring innovative technologies such as suspension transmission and autonomous operation, garnered the top spot among more than 200 entries. Gov. J.B. Pritzker commended the finalists, highlighting the crucial role of manufacturing in the state's economy, which accounts for nearly a third of Illinois' jobs and contributes over $580 billion annually. Other notable finalists included Mullen’s Imitation French Dressing, the MQ-25 Stingray Drone Refueler by Boeing, and Enviro Buildings’ Mod Box by Craig Industries.

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Most Australians Don’t Want Speedy Transition Toward Clean Energy

A recent survey by CSIRO and Australia’s Department of Climate Change reveals that while most Australians support transitioning to a renewable energy grid, preferences vary regarding the pace of change. Forty-seven percent favor a moderate transition, 13% prefer a slow transition, and 40% advocate for a faster shift. Energy affordability ranks as a top concern for 82% of respondents, regardless of their financial situation. Acceptance of renewable energy infrastructure varies, with 88% willing to live near a solar farm and over 80% accepting of wind farms, though offshore wind farms face more opposition. The study, encompassing 6,700 participants nationwide, suggests a general willingness to embrace renewable energy projects, contingent upon perceived importance to the energy transition.

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⚒️ Latest Drilling Updates

Below, you'll find updates generated with AI technology by Prospector based on publicly disclosed drilling results released since March 29, 2024 - organized by country. All projects and companies can be found on Prospector with an Analyst subscription. 

Note: This analysis is based on disclosed public filings and maintains an impartial perspective.


Ramp Metals Inc. - Rottenstone SW Property, Northern Saskatchewan

  • Stage: Exploration drilling and geophysical survey
  • Highlight: Focus on high-priority targets; specific intercepts not disclosed

More Details

Fin Resources Limited - White Bear Lithium Discovery, Cancet West Project

  • Stage: Initiation of maiden drilling program
  • Highlight: Targeting coarse spodumene-bearing lithium mineralized zone; early-stage results show promising lithium oxide percentages

More Details


Woomera Mining Limited - Wyloo Dome Gold JV, Ashburton

  • Stage: Reverse Circulation (RC) drilling at New Morning Prospect
  • Highlight: Aiming to test a blind AEM conductor; awaiting assay results

More Details


Gladiator Resources Ltd - Mkuju Uranium Project

  • Stage: Expanded drilling program after identifying zinc and lead anomalism
  • Highlight: Focus on delineating primary sulphide source; initial data from pXRF analysis

More Details

Disclosure: This summary was prepared using AI by Prospector, based on drilling and exploration updates disclosed in public filings released since 9:00 AM EST, 2024-03-29. Readers should refer directly to the provided links for detailed information and understand that drilling results are subject to validation and further review.

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