What is happening with gold?! - On the Rocks with Tara Christie

Explore the world of gold prices, mining, and innovation with guest Tara Christie on the latest episode of On the Rocks podcast.

In this episode of On the Rocks, we are excited to welcome back Tara Christie, President and CEO of Banyan Gold Corp! With gold prices on the rise and market dynamics shifting, Tara shares her expertise on navigating these fluctuations and discusses the unique challenges and opportunities faced by exploration companies like Banyan Gold Corp.

One of the key themes of the conversation revolves around the current state of gold prices and its implications for the mining sector. Tara provides valuable insights into the factors driving the surge in gold prices, the role of central banks in the market, and the potential for sustained growth in the industry. As the conversation unfolds, Emily and Tara emphasize the importance of effective capital management and the need for junior exploration companies to adopt strategic approaches in response to market dynamics.

The discussion winds around to many important topics, from innovation in industry to enhancing community engagement through eduction like Every Student, Every Day. Tara and Emily shed light on the complexities of integrating new technologies into mining practices, highlighting the balance between technological advancements and their impact on local communities and employment opportunities. 

To dig deeper into the insightful conversation between Emily King and Tara Christie, tune in to the latest episode of the On the Rocks Podcast by Prospector!

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