Celebrating World Food Day with CIMMYT

In celebration of World Food Day, Prospector teams up with CIMMYT in a special episode of On the Rocks! Learn about mining's role in agriculture and more!

One of the mining industry's favorite sayings is "If it can't be grown, it must be mined". However, mining plays an important role in agriculture too! For this special release episode of On the Rocks, Prospector founder Emily King chats with Bram Govaerts, Director General a.i. of CIMMYT (International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center)

This conversation began during a panel discussion about the Russia & Ukraine War, and how it affected the supply chain of many industries. In this episode we dive deeper into how the conflict is still affecting the mining and agriculture industries, as well as CIMMYT's work to help those caught up in conflicts, natural disasters, and more. 

Mining and agriculture currently seem to work in parallel, following similar paths but not quite meeting up. Emily and Bram chat about ideas to bring the two natural resource sectors together, and how doing so could help ESG commitments. 

It might be time for a new saying as mining and agriculture continue to grow together! Listen to the full episode below or on your favorite podcast platforms!


Phosphate, iron, potash, and gypsum are just some of the minerals that need to be mined for the agriculture industry. Learn more about these minerals and mining projects on Prospector!

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