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What are the top 10 mining schools?

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Top 10: Mining Schools

  • Mining.digital digs into the top 10 mining schools from all across the world! Discover the top 5 and learn more about mining what makes a great mining school and how they contribute to the growth of the industry.
  • 10: University of Witwatersrand
    9: Pennsylvania State University

    8: University of British Columbia
    7: Queen's University
    6: University of Western Australia
    5: ???
    4: ???
    3: ???
    2: ???
    1: ???

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New Copper Fund Revives Controversial Product

  • Sprott Inc. has launched a $100 million fund, the Sprott Physical Copper Trust, marking the world's first physical copper fund, now trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange.
  • Funds that allow investors to buy and hold physical copper have been controversial due to concerns about potential metal shortages and price increases, previously leading to blocked launches by BlackRock and JPMorgan.
  • The Sprott Physical Copper Trust aims to buy copper directly from mining companies and trading houses, storing it in warehouses globally, and plans to invest about 90% of the funds raised to purchase 8,000 to 10,000 tons of copper.

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The Mining Story - Facts And Figures Of The Canadian Mining Industry

  • The Mining Association of Canada (MAC) released a report highlighting that the mining sector contributed significantly to Canada's economy in 2022, representing 7.8% of the GDP and surpassing sectors like finance and construction.
  • Key contributions to GDP included $45 billion from extraction, $10.1 billion from mining services, $23 billion from primary metal/mineral manufacturing, and $30.4 billion from downstream metal/mineral manufacturing, all showing substantial increases from 2021.
  • The report emphasizes the need for investments in mineral processing, exploration, infrastructure, and workforce development to enhance the sector's competitiveness and meet global demand for Canada's natural resources.

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Most Energy And Mining Projects 20% In The Red: Study

  • Miners and energy companies are facing average budget overruns of 15% to 20%, risking nearly US$1.5 billion annually in energy transition-related projects through 2030, according to Bain & Co.
  • Companies need to rethink traditional capital delivery models to avoid cost and timeline overruns, as highlighted by Horizonte Minerals' Araguaia nickel project and Teck Resources' Quebrada Blanca copper project, both experiencing significant budget increases and delays.
  • Bain & Co. recommends adopting systematic portfolio thinking, realigning operating models, and embracing digital technology to enhance efficiency, reduce waste, and ensure more reliable project outcomes in the mining and energy sectors.

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