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We're eagerly awaiting what summer has in store! Check out this week's nugget for the latest mining news, insights, and announcements.


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🗨 Things are Heating Up!

Hotter days are on the horizon, but it's not just the rising temperatures that have us buzzing with excitement! As we dive headfirst into summer, the usual flow of press releases and technical reports may slow down, but fear not—this lull only serves to build anticipation for the thrilling fall drill results and mineral resource updates. Here at Prospector, we're eagerly awaiting what this summer has in store. While others may take a break, we keep the excitement going strong with our monthly roundup, coming your way this afternoon. And that's not all—we have some major announcements on the horizon! Stay tuned, because big things are happening, and you won't want to miss a single moment. Enjoy this Weekly Nugget!

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 🔥 What's New

TODAY - Latin & South America Focused Spanish Webinar

Don’t forget! Our “lunch & learn” style monthly round up is this afternoon! Tune in on LinkedIn Live and join in the conversation! We are covering the latest industry news, mining data, and more. Sign up here!

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LatAm / South American Webinar Replay

At Prospector, our goal is to make the mining industry more easily accessible - no matter where you are or what language you speak! Last week we were so excited to have our first Spanish language webinar, hosted by our Head of Data, Alessandra! If you missed it, or needed English translation, you can now view the full webinar on our YouTube. Watch here!

Custom Queries

We are one month away from the end of Q2! I know, 2023 is flying by. Prospector is here to help with those quarterly reports, with our in-depth data insights and quick analysis. Click here to learn more!

📰 In The News

BHP Launches Global Call for Innovative Water Treatment Solutions

BHP has launched the "Global Water Challenge" in partnership with Fundación Chile's Expande. The initiative aims to identify disruptive water treatment solutions that enhance water efficiency, recovery, and contribute to sustainable development goals in the mining industry. The challenges the initiative seeks to address include minimizing brine discharge, treating acidic pit lake waters, treating hypersaline groundwater, treating neutral brine effluent, and reusing brines from tailings storage facilities. 

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International Day of Women in Mining is coming up on June 15th! IWiM has several ways to participate, including a live webinar celebration and a photo campaign! 

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USGS Denies Request to Include Copper in "Critical Mineral" List

The US Geological Society (USGS) has rejected a request by the Copper Development Association (CDA) to include copper in its official critical mineral list due to supply risks. The CDA criticized the decision, stating that it was inconsistent with the law and based on outdated data. In contrast, the European Commission has classified copper as a critical raw material, recognizing its importance in the transition to a climate-neutral continent. Copper is widely used in energy transition technologies such as electric vehicles.

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Aluminum is the West's Critical Minerals Blind Spot

Aluminum, a critical mineral, is facing a production crisis due to high energy costs and inadequate government support. Demand for aluminum is increasing in green energy and electric vehicles, but the focus is on funding the demand side rather than the supply side. Decarbonizing aluminum production is essential, but current policies neglect this aspect. Both the US and Europe need a more holistic approach to support the primary aluminum industry.

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Investors Flock to Safety on Rising Risk Around the Globe

Mining in risky jurisdictions is a high-stakes business due to expropriation and political instability. Recent geopolitical trends have increased risks for miners, particularly in Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. These countries have fluctuated in mining rankings. Stable jurisdictions like Australia, Canada, and the United States are preferred for investment. As market uncertainty persists, investors seek safer mining jurisdictions.

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5,000 New Species Found in Deep-Sea Mining Hotspot

Deep-sea mining companies are eyeing the Clarion-Clipperton Zone (CCZ) for its valuable manganese nodules. However, a team of biologists has compiled the first 'CCZ checklist' and found that the region is home to 5,578 species, 88-92% of which are new to science. The CCZ, spanning 6 million square kilometers, is considered highly biodiverse. The researchers stress the need for collaborative research efforts and understanding the newly discovered species before mining operations proceed. The CCZ has already been divided into mining claims, but conservation areas have also been designated. The region holds significant reserves of manganese, nickel, copper, and cobalt.

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VRIFY Announces $6M Series A Raise

Congrats to our friends at VRIFY, who announced their $6M Series A raise, in collaboration with RCF Jolimont, Beedie Capital, and Tiny. VRIFY offers the most comprehensive and powerful suite of communication tools on the market, helping mining and mineral exploration companies attract and secure investment from both traditional and non-traditional investors. We’re proud to be part of VRIFY’s Partner Network, working to expand the reach and visibility of critical mineral projects on a global scale.

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