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Using Prospector for Investor Relations

Prospector's extensive database and Upgraded Company Pages can help increase transparency and accessibility to the mining industry!

Investor Relations in the mining industry is an important, but at times a difficult job. Recently, Prospector hosted a webinar showcasing how the interactive platform can help make investor relations easier! 

In this video we show how Prospector aggregates public disclosure data, such as NI 43-101 documents, to make it easier for users to access technical reports and company details across web and mobile platforms. Our database currently contains over 10,000 mining projects worldwide, and growing! This webinar demonstrates how Prospector can be utilized by mining investor relations professionals to assist in their roles, such as:

  • Give Prospector’s investor users a fuller picture of your projects and company beyond public disclosure data
  • Research and prepare comparisons to your peers
  • Keep presentations up to date
  • Track your peer group
  • Prepare investor presentations
  • Direct interested users to your IR team’s contact information

Prospector’s new Upgraded Company Pages allow further transparency and accessibility into the mining industry. Companies work hard on making information digestible, including video presentations or even virtual tours. Upgraded Company Pages on Prospector bring this information to one easy to find place, our interactive platform! Learn more in the video below.

Table of Contents

  • What is Prospector? - 2:00
  • Prospector Company Page - 8:50
  • Upgraded Company Page - 10:40
  • Mobile App Overview - 14:25
  • Technical Report Overview - 18:00
  • Prospector Analyst - 20:55


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