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The Power of Prospector in 3 Videos

Learn how to leverage Prospector to find buried mining information quickly and efficiently.

At the heart of Prospector's data lie the technical reports for every TSX-V, TSX-, and ASX-listed mining company. In these reports, you will find the information collected from geologists, mining engineers, metallurgists, finance professionals...all the people that study a mining project. 

However, this data is buried behind the technical jargon of each one of these professions. Not only is there this barrier, but there is also the barrier of bringing all this information together. 

In a recent Prospector webinar, Timothy Strong of Kangari Consulting went through the archaic ways mining data is stored and retrieved, and compared it to the ease you will find this data with Prospector. 

#1: The Google Search

Everyone is familiar with the Google search and it is great for when you know what you are looking for and have the patience to sort through multiple instance of files that partially share the same name.  

Take a look at how you might try to find information about a mining project with Google search...

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With all due respect to Google for revolutionizing how we search information, it still does not provide a central place where you could track the history of a company and chase down specific types of information about publicly-listed companies. 

#2: SEDAR, Living in the Past

There is another way to search for the technical information you need and that is through SEDAR. What Is SEDAR?

The System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval "SEDAR" is an electronic filing system that allows listed companies to report their securities-related information with the authorities concerned with securities regulation in Canada.

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While SEDAR allows you to look for mining issuers, it does not allow you to get a global snap shot of the data that lies within the reports nor does it allow a comprehensive search by project stage, commodity, or region.

#3: Prospector

Prospector is the next evolution in your search for mining data. It brings together the searchability of Google, with the comprehensive coverage of SEDAR, but with an easier to use interface. 

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We live in  world where the data of global commerce is at our fingertips, but the most fundamental industries such as mineral extraction and exploration still have a long way to go to match the reporting and data of other sectors such as finance or even real estate.

However, Prospector is leading the pathway forward to bring the world of mining to a newer and tech savvy audience to capture the next generation of investment. 

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