This Author is Inspiring the Next Generation of Mining Talent

Discover how Ana Gabriela Juarez is inspiring the next generation of mining talent through her children's book and advocacy work.

Ana Gabriela Juarez is on a mission to change perceptions of the mining industry. Through her new children's book and advocacy work, she's inspiring women and youth to get involved!

On this episode of the On The Rocks, Ana discusses how she's making an impact in mining. Her book "Ana's Adventure at the Mine" aims to get kids excited about geology and mining careers.

"I think there was a need for it," Juarez shares about what motivated her to write the book. She incorporates aspects of growing up in Guatemala and pulls from her experience working in mining and women's empowerment.

Just months after initially launching, Juarez's book quickly became an Amazon bestseller. It's now available in Spanish, English, Arabic, and Portuguese due to high demand.

Beyond her book, Juarez talks about challenges mining companies face in Central America. She explains how anti-mining movements, lack of local talent, and disunified industry voices all play a role.

That's why education is so important to Juarez. Through community programs like training museum tour guides, she hopes to change negative perceptions of mining.

Juarez is a trailblazer for empowering women and youth in mining. Through her book and advocacy, she's inspiring the next generation of industry talent.

Be sure to tune in to the full episode to learn more! 

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