Tips for Improving Public Perception of the Mining Industry

This week on OTR, we learn a few tips and tricks on how mining companies can leverage social media to start changing public perception! Tune in!

We hear it repeatedly on the On the Rocks Podcast - people within the mining industry want to improve public perception of how mineral exploration and mining is done. However, very few people are actually successfully improving that perception, especially through social media. So, how can mining companies get the word out of the echo chamber and into the public?


One company leading the charge in this regard is Geologize Ltd. Founded and led by Dr. Haydon Mort, Geologize specializes in teaching communication skills for geoscientists, with a particular focus on using social media platforms to improve public perception of the earth sciences and mining industry. Recently, the company released Practical Geocommunication 3.0, the latest update to its popular series of courses.

In this episode of the On the Rocks Podcast, Emily and Haydon discuss the importance of communicating outside of the mining industry, and how improving mining social media can help improve share price as well as public perception. During the episode, Haydon provides valuable tips for mining companies looking to improve their public perception through social media, such as:

      • Using social media platforms, such as Instagram, to share with and engage shareholders as well as the general public.
      • Building relationships with content creators. 
      • Invest the time to create aesthetically pleasing posts, nice thumbnails, properly formatted images, etc.
      • Highlight communities, locations, exciting field work, environmental aspects, and more.
      • Train and utilize employees on social media best practices, and allow them some freedom to use their own voice on platforms.

Ready to hear more tips, tricks, and ideas? Listen to the full episode above, or on your favorite podcast platform!

A huge thank you to Ridgeline Minerals, Golden Rim Resources, and Lomiko Metals for volunteering to be examples on the podcast! Check out these companies and more on Prospector!

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