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April Monthly Mining Roundup, with Guest Alex Michshenko!

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April Monthly Mining Roundup

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Copper Miners Glimpse The Future They’ve Long Seen Coming

In recent years, copper, despite its potential in the electrification and decarbonization of the global economy, has been overshadowed by traditional mining commodities like iron ore and coal. However, a supply shock, including mine closures in Panama and production cuts by major companies like Anglo American Plc, has propelled copper into the spotlight. The resurgence of manufacturing activity, particularly in China and India, has boosted demand for copper, leading to its highest prices in over a year. This surge in copper prices has attracted investors to pure-play copper producers like Antofagasta Plc and Freeport-McMoRan Inc., while diversified mining giants such as BHP Group Ltd. and Rio Tinto Group have seen declines in their stock value.

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Government Of Canada Extends Mineral Exploration Tax Credit For Investors In Flow-Through Shares

On March 28, 2024, the Canadian federal government announced the extension of the 15 percent Mineral Exploration Tax Credit (METC) for investors in flow-through shares for an additional year, until March 31, 2025. This tax credit is aimed at assisting capital-intensive mineral exploration companies in raising equity funds by enhancing the tax deduction benefits associated with flow-through share investments. The METC extension provides crucial support to Canadian junior mineral exploration companies, which heavily rely on it for capital raising. The METC, combined with the flow-through share regime, has been instrumental in driving exploration activity in Canada, accounting for a significant portion of funds raised for mineral exploration. While the extension is welcomed by the industry, the shorter one-year horizon raises concerns about the future stability of this incentive, despite its importance to Canada's exploration and mining sector.

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When Mining Goes Electric

Manufacturers worldwide are increasingly embracing alternative power sources, with electric options now available from most heavy equipment makers. While optimizing performance is crucial, some manufacturers have been refining electric equipment for decades, especially in demolition, prioritizing safety and efficiency. Originating in the metal processing industry in 1976, remote-controlled electric machines have evolved to excel in various industries, including underground mining, offering compact yet powerful designs with high power-to-weight ratios. 

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⚒️ Latest Drilling Updates

Below, you'll find updates generated with AI technology by Prospector based on publicly disclosed drilling results released since March 29, 2024 - organized by country. All projects and companies can be found on Prospector with an Analyst subscription. 

Note: This analysis is based on disclosed public filings and maintains an impartial perspective.


Fission Uranium Corp. - PLS Project, Saskatchewan

  • Stage: Geotechnical drilling for Detailed Engineering phase
  • Highlight: In-depth support for mine development and infrastructure planning; no assay results provided

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Rackla Metals Inc. - Astro Plutonic Complex

  • Stage: Planning maiden drill program for June 2024 following successful exploration
  • Highlight: High-grade gold results, up to 17.8 g/t gold from prospecting samples

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Carnavale Resources Ltd - Kookynie Gold Project

  • Stage: RC drilling campaign
  • Highlight: 5m @ 4.91g/t Au discovered at the Tiptoe Prospect

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New South Wales, Australia

Polymetals Resources Ltd - Carpark Prospect

  • Stage: Expanded drilling program after identifying zinc and lead anomalism
  • Highlight: Focus on delineating primary sulphide source; initial data from pXRF analysis

More Details

Disclosure: This summary was prepared using AI by Prospector, based on drilling and exploration updates disclosed in public filings released since 9:00 AM EST, 2024-03-29. Readers should refer directly to the provided links for detailed information and understand that drilling results are subject to validation and further review.

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