The Forgotten Mines - Uncovering the Importance of Aggregates with Chris Summers

This week on On the Rocks, we sit down with Chris Summers to chat about the basic building blocks of society - aggregates! Be sure to tune in!

Have you ever stopped to think about the roads, sidewalks, and houses that make up your daily surroundings? These structures are an essential part of our society, but would not exist without aggregates! Aggregates are crushed stone, sand, and gravel that are used in many construction and infrastructure projects, but they are often overlooked or forgotten when discussing the mining industry. 

In this week's episode of On the Rocks, we chat with Chris Summers, CEO of Burgex Mining Consultants, about the importance of aggregates and the mining industry!


Chris and Emily dig into the importance of getting younger people involved in mining and geology, and expressing the importance of mined materials in our everyday lives. We learn a little about Aggregate 101, and discuss Mineralocity, an online tool Chris and his team created that has over 7300 aggregate mining projects mapped across the USA! 

While aggregate projects might be often overlooked, many still face the same challenges as metal mines, including NIMBYism and permitting. Chris shares his thoughts on what "right" can look like for an aggregate mine, and what technology and equipment can be put into place to help mitigate these problems. As we move forward with the future of mining, many new and exciting tools are coming around to help make mining cleaner, safer, and more efficient, which could help mining projects and societies co-exist better. 

Be sure to tune into the full episode to learn more, and leave us a comment on what you thought! 

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