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FMF23 - Exploring the Path to a Decarbonized Future

A look into the Hydrogen & Green Metals at FMF23! This discussion focused on targets for alternative energy and its challenges of supply chain integration.

Recently, Prospector Founder & CEO Emily King traveled to the Future Minerals Forum 2023 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. There, she moderated two panels: one on improving the perception of mining in the public, and this one on hydrogen and green metals.

Panelists included: 

This panel on hydrogen and green metals discussed the big picture targets for alternative and renewable energy. Suliman emphasized the importance of long-term planning, integration, and how private sectors and governments can work together to create a path for the mining industry and a decarbonized future.

One of the opportunities discussed by Emilie was the utilization of existing oil infrastructure to extract lithium from oil well brines in the region, and how this lithium could help power the next generation. Along with lithium, Rod, another panelist, pointed out potential for sustainable hydrogen, using this to create "green" metals, and opportunities for raw mined materials.

The panel next discussed barriers to integrating alternative and renewable energies into the value chain. Kirill highlighted the importance of ensuring that the supply chain is working, adaption of new technologies, and the importance of thinking broadly and openly. Emilie pointed out other barriers such as energy storage and battery practicality, commodity cycles, and coordination of technology implementation. Coming from an economic standpoint, Rod discussed cost barriers, reluctance of private investment community to adopt, and the slow pace of converting inventions into products.

The panel finished with a discussion on alternative forms of financing that may be available for new developments and technologies. The question was raised if decarbonization will bring more non-traditional financing opportunities to the mining industry. 

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