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Resource Revenues: Where Do They Go?

A mineral deposit is finite and so are the taxes governments derive from a project. This infographic takes a look at the choices a government needs...

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Tin: The Secret Hi-Tech Metal

Mining companies lost interest in tin decades ago because they believed it reached its peak, but a renewable future is changing the metal's prospects.

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Potash Prices Threaten Global Food Security

The price of potash and fertilizers were already heading towards multi-year highs but Western sanctions threaten global supplies and prices.

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Top 10 Gold Takeovers in 2021

For the top 10 deals, over ~95 Moz of gold switched hands in 2021 valued at over $17.5 billion.

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Ecuador: A New Frontier for Mining?

Recent discoveries and successful mine constructions are changing the fortunes for Ecuador's mining industry and potential investors.

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