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πŸ—¨ The Robots Are Taking Over!

As a geologist, I always considered my job pretty safe from the AI Robot takeover. I don’t know why I thought that, because robots and XRF scanners are WAY better at estimating grades and identifying minerals than I am! However, now that I actually work with AI and technology, I’m okay if robots take over. They save me a ton of time and energy; plus, they allow me to get back to what I love most - discovering new projects on Prospector! (You know I have to get those subtle plugs where I can!) I hope you enjoy the latest Weekly Nugget before the robots take over!

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Bill Gates Back AI Aiming to Create Robot Geologists to Help Mine Lithium

GeologicAI, an AI and robotics startup focused on modernizing mineral exploration, has raised $20 million in a Series A funding round led by Bill Gates's Breakthrough Energy Ventures. The fresh capital will support GeologicAI's development of robotic geologists capable of analyzing rock samples and identifying resources below ground. The timely investment comes as demand for minerals like lithium and cobalt is projected to outstrip supply by 2030, fueled by the growth of electric vehicles and clean energy. 

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Geopolitics of the Energy Transition: Critical Minerals Report

The global energy transition demands a massive rollout of clean technologies. However, supply chains for critical minerals like lithium and cobalt are concentrated in a few countries. This IRENA report explains how critical materials differ fundamentally from fossil fuels in recyclability and economic factors. While reserves are ample globally, refining capabilities are currently limited, potentially causing market constraints. The report highlights opportunities for developing countries rich in these resources to move up the value chain. It also underscores the need for responsible mining practices, as over half of projects are on indigenous lands. It calls for collaborative strategies between nations and greater transparency to ensure both supply security and sustainability.

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Biden's EV Sales Plan to Strain Critical Mineral Supplies

Major automakers like Toyota and Stellantis argue that the Biden administration's aggressive push for electric vehicles underestimates critical challenges like shortages of battery minerals and inadequate EV charging infrastructure. While Tesla urges faster action, other companies warn the proposal relies on unrealistic adoption rates that could strain mineral supplies and manufacturing capabilities. Automakers also contend the plan discriminates against plug-in hybrids and does not account for emissions from EV manufacturing. With different perspectives on the feasibility and timing of an EV transition, the auto industry underscores uncertainties surrounding critical mineral supplies needed to meet climate goals.

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Canada Calls For A Halt To Deep-Sea Mining

Canada has joined a growing chorus of countries and groups calling for a moratorium on commercial deep-sea mining in international waters, citing concerns over environmental impacts and lack of clear regulations. While some companies promote deep-sea mining as necessary for obtaining metals for the clean energy transition, Canada's opposition aligns it with European nations, scientists, and automakers wary of ecological risks before proper safeguards are in place. With new species still being discovered in targeted ocean zones, Canada argues seabed mining should only occur if ecosystems are effectively protected through precautionary, science-based approaches. Its stance adds momentum to demands for a pause on deep-sea mining as the International Seabed Authority meets to debate oversight.

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