OTR Revisited - Mining in the Movies

This week we are revisiting the Mining in the Movies episode of On the Rocks, featuring Tom Albanese! What is your favorite mining movie?

This episode of On the Rocks features self-described ‘mining guy’, Tom Albanese! Tom has over 40 years of industry experience, including about 10 years as CEO of leading Miners. 

Emily and Tom dive into the topic of mining in the movies, and how it is often portrayed in science fiction with asteroid or deep sea mining. They also chat about innovation in the industry, and mining’s complicated PR problem

“I think it’s exciting first of all, whenever you see a science fiction movie you see the ships are really big, they’re monstrous, … they’ve got lots of metal and that metal’s gotta come from somewhere.”

How does the possibility of asteroid mining affect mining here on Earth? What kind of technology does it take to make that possibility a reality, and what does that future look like? How might space mining become economical? Tom and Emily ponder these questions and visualize how close space mining might look compared to the movies! 

Join us in listening in, and comment to let us know what your favorite mining movie is!

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