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UAVs and Digital Mapping for the Mining Industry

On this podcast, Emily King speaks with Jarret Heavenston who was so inspired by landscapes he wanted to build a business around mapping them.

Landscapes have lit the imagination of aspiring artists, entrepreneurs, and scientists since the beginning of time and even in our digital age. This week's guest was so inspired by the terrain he travelled he wanted to map it using the latest in digital mapping technologies.

Jarrett “Fish” Heavenston is a 25-year veteran and the CEO of Tough Stump Technologies, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).

When visiting the Lava Beds National Monument in California on a family road trip, he stumbled upon “Captain Jack’s Stronghold”, a natural fortress used during the Modoc War of 1872/1873. This inspired Jarrett to create a movie combining his UAV skills and “OCOKA” principles learned in his military experience.

These technologies can be used for more than terrain analysis and movies though. UAVs and UGVs have extensive potential in the mining industry. Jarrett walks us through some UAV benefits, debunks some myths, and walks us through what the future of this technology may look like for mining!

Grab your IW Harper 15 or Big Horn Bourbon, and let’s “fly” into the podcast!

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