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Space: The Final Frontier For Mining

  • Scientists globally are focusing on sustainable resource use and exploring innovative methods like asteroid mining due to severe environmental degradation and resource depletion on Earth.
  • Asteroid mining, a concept once confined to science fiction, has gained serious academic interest since the 1969 moon landing, particularly targeting asteroids near Earth for their potential raw materials.
  • Despite the potential economic benefits and nearly limitless resources that asteroid mining could provide, concerns remain about its impact on the economy of global raw materials, with some experts warning of market disruption and rapid devaluation.

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Lottery Funding Will Highlight Lead Mining History

  • The "Land of Lead and Silver" project, aimed at preserving the history of lead mining, has received £2 million in lottery funding and will involve local communities and volunteers to explore the industrial heritage of the North Pennines.
  • The North Pennines National Landscape team plans to conserve eight significant mining sites and delve into the historical impact of lead mining on the region and its communities.
  • The project includes community engagement activities like arts and crafts, providing opportunities for volunteers to learn new skills and build relationships, with additional funding to support continued efforts until 2028.

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Does Mining For Batteries Erase The Climate Benefits Of EVs? No, And Here's Why

  • Electric vehicles (EVs) initially have a higher environmental impact during battery production compared to gasoline cars, but over time, they become more environmentally beneficial due to the ongoing emissions from burning gasoline.
  • Concerns about the environmental and human costs of mining for battery materials are significant, yet the continuous extraction and burning of fossil fuels for gasoline vehicles contribute even more to climate change and have broader damaging effects.
  • Innovations in mining practices and battery technology, such as direct lithium extraction and cobalt-free batteries, along with increased recycling, are potential ways to reduce the environmental footprint of EVs.

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South Africa Wins Battle For $43 Million In Sunken Silver Bars

  • England's Supreme Court ruled that the $43 million worth of silver bullion recovered from the WWII-sunken SS Tilawa by Argentum Exploration belongs to South Africa, not the company that found it.
  • Argentum Exploration retrieved 2,364 silver bars from the shipwreck in 2017 but cannot claim compensation from South Africa, despite the recovery effort.
  • The court's decision is based on sovereign immunity, preventing Argentum from pursuing further legal action against South Africa, and the case has now been settled.

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