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β€˜We Do The Job Just As Well As Men’: Ukrainian Women Take On Coal Mining

  • Women are taking up traditionally male jobs in Ukraine due to labor shortages caused by the war.
  • The Ukrainian government lifted restrictions on women working in hazardous conditions, enabling more women to work in mines and other industries.
  • Fast-track retraining programs are helping women fill roles in sectors heavily affected by male conscription, like mining and transportation.

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Canada Puts Its Big Miners Off Limits Just As M&A Is Heating Up

  • Canada is restricting foreign takeovers of its large mining companies involved in critical minerals production to protect national security and its critical minerals sector.
  • The new guidelines issued by Industry Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne highlight the strategic importance of Canada's critical minerals and aim to shield domestic firms from foreign acquisitions.
  • This move may limit foreign investment in Canada's mining industry, potentially impacting companies that rely on such funding for exploration and development projects.

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Opinion: Want More Investors? Act Local

  • A new survey shows that the mining industry must better support local communities to attract enough investment for meeting climate-change goals.
  • Despite the increasing demand for critical minerals, investment in the mining sector remains low due to investor concerns over the industry's impact on local communities and human rights.
  • Successful community engagement projects, like those by Fresnillo and Antofagasta, highlight the potential for mining companies to positively impact local areas, but these efforts need better communication and third-party validation to overcome skepticism and attract investment.

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