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Terms Defining the Mining Industry in 2023

The mining industry is buzzing with a range of new terms and trends, check out this weeks Nugget to learn more!

🗨 Terms Defining the Mining Industry in 2023 

The mining industry is buzzing with a range of hot topic terms and trends that are shaping its future! From decarbonization to the increasing importance of ESG considerations, critical minerals, and the use of AI, there is much to consider. This week’s Nugget examines these buzzwords and trends, including the potential of nuclear energy and ESG initiatives from major players in the industry! We hope you enjoy it; time to dig in!

Emily King

Emily King


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 🔥 What's New

Uranium Webinar Replay

Missed our recent webinar on Uranium? No worries, the replay is now out! Learn about the importance of nuclear energy in the green energy transition, and how to use the power of Prospector to find global uranium mining projects and information!

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Special Release of On The Rocks with James Sykes

In this episode of On The Rocks, we speak with James Sykes to discover more about nuclear energy and uranium, and it's potential as a green energy fuel!

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🎧 On The Rocks

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📰 In The News

Mining’s Brand Needs to Catch Up with its Importance to Humanity

The mining industry needs to improve its brand image to attract and retain talent, as well as win public support, according to an op-ed in Mining Journal. Despite recent advances in improving sustainability and social impact, the industry is still viewed as polluting, exclusionary and a technological laggard. While a recent survey in Canada found that support for new mining projects rose to 67% of respondents, the lack of interest in the sector among younger workers remains a concern. Consulting firm McKinsey & Co. warned that mining is not currently an aspirational industry for young technical talent to join.

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Using a Regeneration Lens: Waste as a Resource

Canadian company Regeneration is developing a start-up that uses re-mining, reprocessing and restoration techniques to extract critical minerals for the energy transition, green tech and sustainable brands. The company says it is exploring site strategies, technologies and policy innovation that contribute to its approach and which it says has industry-wide relevance. Regeneration plans to fund restoration from revenue generated from minerals and renewable and nature-based products and outcomes where possible, instead of relying purely on commercial mining and milling. It also wants to use abandoned and legacy mine sites as technology incubators, and to enable innovation, new technologies should be tested and validated on mining and milling sites.

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Energy Transition Drove 25% of the Top 20 Mining M&A Deals in 2022

Energy transition was the main driver behind 25% of the top 20 mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deals in mining last year, according to a report from GlobalData. The research firm found that the mining sector was consolidating to fill a gap in supply of metals such as cobalt, nickel and lithium, which are essential for renewable power and electric vehicle production. It predicted that global electric vehicle production would exceed 30 million vehicles by 2031, meaning mining companies would have to upscale to provide the metals required to produce EV batteries and meet demand.

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Five Tips for Growing & Maintaining the Mining Workforce

The mining industry is facing a tight labor market. Learn how to grow and maintain a happy, healthy workforce with these five tips! 

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⛏️ New Technical Reports 

Technical reports are free to view! Just click the “sign up button” and use LinkedIn, Google, or Apple credentials to sign in! 

Eagle Gold mine

Eagle Gold Mine

Company: Victoria Gold Corp (VGCX:TSXV)

Geography: Canada

Minerals: Gold

Date: 4/10/23


Iron Point Project

Iron Point

Company: Nevada King Gold Corp. (NKG:TSXV) 

Geography: USA

Minerals: Vanadium

Date: 4/10/23

Vizcachitas Project

Vizcachitas Project

Company: Los Andes Copper Ltd (LA:TSXV)

Geography: Chile

Minerals: Vanadium

Date: 4/10/23

Cuprite Project

Cuprite Project

Company: StrikePoint Gold Inc. (SKP:TSXV)

Geography: USA

Minerals: Gold, Silver

Date: 4/10/23

Sky Lake Project-1

Sky Lake Project

Company: NewOrigin Gold Corp (NEWO:TSXV)

Geography: Canada

Minerals: Gold, Copper

Date: 4/13/23



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📈 Commodity Prices

Gold  $2,005.13 /oz

Silver $25.19 /oz

Platinum $1,079.00 /oz

Palladium  $1,616.00 /oz

Copper $3.73 /lb

Source: Prospector, as of April 17, 2023 at 4:00pm EST


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