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Podcast: Nickel 101 with Lyle Trytten of Giga Metals

On this podcast, Emily King covers nickel 101 with Lyle Trytten of Giga Metals and how does carbon sequestration work in nickel mining.

This week, Emily King hosts Lyle Trytten, the Manager of Development for Giga Metals. Lyle has over 25 years of experience in the nickel industry as well as other base metals projects on five continents, including cobalt, copper, and zinc.

Currently, Lyle is overseeing all aspects of the development of Giga Metals’ Turnagain nickel-cobalt sulphide deposit in northern British Columbia, working to turn a world-class deposit into a major long-life mine, responsibly supplying battery metals to the world.

On this podcast, Lyle and Emily King covers nickel 101:  how is it used and why do we care? Lyle takes us through the two types of nickel deposits, how nickel is used in the rapidly expanding Electric vehicle battery space, and my favorite part of this episode - how does carbon sequestration work in nickel mining - and why does it seem it’s gone from science fiction to reality in such a short period of time?

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