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πŸ‘‹ Hello From The Precious Metals Summit! 

Our team is in beautiful Beaver Creek, Colorado this week! Stop by our booth, say hi, and see what's new!

πŸ‘‹ Hello From The Precious Metals Summit! 

Hello from beautiful Colorado! The Prospector team is excited to attend the Precious Metals Summit at Beaver Creek this week! Stop by our booth, say hi, and see what’s new. Plus, with all the investor eyes on your company, it might be a good time to consider our Upgraded Company Profiles… πŸ‘€. If you missed our Founder, Emily King, speaking at the Planet MicroCap live panel yesterday, keep an eye out for a recap episode on their podcast and check out their other episodes to learn about tools for the modern mining investor.

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 πŸ”₯ What's New

BHP Webinar Replay

Learn more about BHP Xplor - a unique, six-month accelerator program for early-stage explorers looking to fast-track their geologic concepts and become investment-ready. MINING FUTURIST | PROSPECTOR | BHP

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Simplify Q3 Reporting With Custom Data Queries

Our highly experienced analysts are here to provide you with tailored lists of mining projects and companies based on a wide range of aspects, including:

  • market cap
  • cash position
  • debt
  • stock price change
  • geological model of the project
  • resource grade
  • resource size
  • cost of production
  • overall production of a mineral
  • stage
  • and the net present value of mines.

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Indonesia Proposes Critical Minerals Trade Deal With US

Indonesia has requested the United States begin trade talks on a critical minerals agreement so that the country's exports can qualify for EV tax credits under the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act. During a meeting with U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris, Indonesian President Joko Widodo proposed negotiations, noting Indonesia has the world's largest nickel reserves and could become a major supplier for EV batteries and vehicles in America. Widodo also hoped involvement in the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework could allow Indonesia's mineral exports to qualify for U.S. green subsidies. 

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WPIC Forecasts Record Platinum Demand In 2023

The World Platinum Investment Council forecasts record demand versus supply for platinum in 2023, projecting a 1 million ounce deficit. Surging automotive and industrial demand, especially from new emissions standards in China, contrasts with stagnant mine production mainly from South Africa. While platinum recycling also declines, reduced above-ground stocks mean less cushion for the widening shortfall. With reserves concentrated in China, tightening supplies could raise availability concerns. This supply-demand imbalance presents value incentives for investors in both the short and long-term, as platinum remains vital to green hydrogen and global decarbonization.

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Chase The AI Boom or Invest In Commodities?

Despite the mining sector's struggles in 2023, the extreme undervaluation of commodities versus US equities suggests a major bull market lies ahead. Historical data shows multi-year commodity booms follow periods of peak undervaluation like today, with the ratio of commodities to the S&P 500 near decade lows. Massive underinvestment in mines and limited new discoveries have tightened supplies, a key ingredient for higher prices. Interestingly, commodity stocks boomed through the Great Depression and outperformed in the 1970s and 2000s, proving their value as an inflation hedge and volatility protector. The opportunity is clear - capitalize on underpriced mining stocks for one of history's greatest comebacks.

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European Battery Companies Call On EU For More Support

European metals and materials companies are pressing the EU to increase financial support for the bloc's battery industry to better compete with China and the U.S. In a joint letter, companies including Rio Tinto and Northvolt said current EU plans and funds are insufficient for the investments needed in batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage. They warn that China controls critical minerals processing and resources while the U.S. is catching up fast with its Inflation Reduction Act. The companies call for an EU Critical Minerals Fund to directly finance companies and expanded innovation funding targeted at critical minerals. They argue existing funding is fragmented and focused on R&D rather than production scale-up needed to incentivize investing in Europe's battery industry.

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Study: Tropical Rivers Reveal Magnitude Of Gold Mining Boom

New satellite imagery reveals small-scale gold mining has exploded across tropical rivers worldwide in the last decade, severely impacting up to 7% of large rivers and 35,000 km total. Murky sediment flows are clearly visible from space and have at least doubled in 80% of affected rivers, suffocating aquatic life. Driven by high gold prices, artisanal mining provides income but exacts an environmental toll, as evidenced in the Amazon. However, rivers can recover if mining is curtailed, as in Brazil after policy interventions. While the full impacts are unknown, the study sheds light on the massive scale of unregulated mining threatening tropical river ecosystems and communities relying on them.

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Administration Announces $150 Million To Strengthen Domestic Critical Material Supply Chains

The U.S. Department of Energy announced up to $150 million in funding, from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, to advance domestic production and refining of critical minerals used in clean energy technologies. The goal is to reduce reliance on foreign supplies and meet growing demand, enhancing national security while supporting mining communities. The funding will back R&D projects on efficiently extracting minerals from various U.S. sources, developing mineral substitutes and alternatives, and improving technologies for environmentally sound mineral processing. Applicants must address social impacts, equity, and community engagement. The support builds on $41 million for critical mineral projects DOE has announced since 2021, helping establish a secure domestic supply chain of minerals vital for solar, wind, EVs, and other clean energy.

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βš’οΈ Mining Data Digest Snapshot

Trident Gold Project

Trident Gold Project

Company: Catalyst Metals (CYL:XASX) 

Geography: Australia

Minerals: Gold

Date: 9/5/23

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The PEA for the Trident Gold Project in Western Australia envisages a 5 year underground mining operation producing 204,274 ounces of gold from 1.07 million tonnes at 6.7 g/t gold. The ore will be processed at the nearby Plutonic mill. Pre-production capital costs are estimated at AUD 36 million, with total LOM capital of AUD 69 million. Operating costs are projected to be AUD 129/t ore mining, AUD 5.8/t ore haulage, AUD 20.5/t ore processing and AUD 5.58/t G&A. With a gold price of AUD 2,700/oz, the project returns a pre-tax NPV of AUD 246 million and IRR of 132%. Average life-of-mine C1 cash costs are estimated at AUD 817/oz and AISC of AUD 1,046/oz.

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Black Pine Oxide Project

Black Pine Oxide Project

Company: Liberty Gold Corp. (LGD:TSX)

Geography: USA

Minerals: Gold

Date: 9/7/23

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Liberty Gold has reported additional drill results from 8 holes at the Rangefront Zone of its Black Pine project in Idaho. The drilling tested the eastern margin of the deposit and has expanded mineralization in an area measuring approximately 200 x 200 m. Liberty states the results show oxide mineralization starting at or near surface that remains open to the north, south and east. The company plans to incorporate these results into an updated resource estimate later this year.

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