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This week's nugget features the latest mining news, data, and our 2023 wrap up livestream!

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🚨 1 Week: The Nugget 2023 Wrap Up Livestream! 🚨

Join the Prospector team LIVE on LinkedIn to wrap up this year! We will be discussing the biggest trends of the year, digging into what the industry data has to say, chatting with special guests, predicting what the new year will bring, and more! Join us live to let us know your thoughts, insights, and questions! 

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Missed The Colombia Report Webinar With Global Scout?

 Dig deeper into our latest report on the mining industry of Colombia! 

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National Miners Day

Want to learn more about National Miners Day, or share some information on your social networks? This article is a great place to start! 

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Women In Mining Spotlight: Jamie Wallisch

Jamie Wallisch, a regulatory and sustainability expert at Assent, recently visited cobalt mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to observe conditions and identify risks for manufacturers looking to responsibly source cobalt. She found artisanal mines employed rudimentary tools and demanding physical labor in deep, expansive holes, while a large-scale mine had sophisticated equipment and processes. Wallisch highlighted the empowerment of women overseeing equipment and washing operations at one artisanal mine. 

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Q&A: Why The World Could Be Headed Towards A ‘Minerals Famine’

Mining industry veteran Peter Bryant warns that surging demand for minerals needed for renewable energy technologies coupled with complex mineral supply chains and long permitting timelines for new mines, has created a "perfect storm" for a minerals famine that could stall the energy transition and disrupt economies. He argues that while the mining industry needs to ramp up production to meet immediate critical mineral demands, it must balance this with long-term sustainability through R&D and supply chain resilience. Attracting vital investments requires demonstrating a commitment to responsible and profitable mining practices.

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Minimalist Or Maximalist? The Life Of A Microbe A Mile Underground

Researchers characterize nearly 600 microbial genomes collected from a gold mine. The study illuminates 'microbial dark matter' residing below the surface. Microbes divide into two groups: minimalists that have one, specialized job or maximalists that are prepared to use any available resource. Study has implications for how underground activities, like mining and carbon storage, could affect or be affected by microbial life. The lifestyle of these 'intraterrestrial' microbes also provides hints to what organisms could be living on other planets.

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⚒️ Mining Data Digest Snapshot

Screen Shot 2023-12-01 at 9.38.36 AM
Promontorio Property

Company: Kootenay Silver Inc.

Geography: Mexico

Minerals: Polymetallic

Date: 11/24/23

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