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Prospector Welcomes Nicholas LePan

Former Natural Resources Editor of Visual Capitalist, as Editor and Head of Content

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Nov. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Prospector, a search engine for the mining industry, welcomes Nicholas LePan, former Natural Resources Editor of Visual Capitalist, to the Prospector team as Editor (Head of Content). 

After over a decade of working in financial and mining media as an editor, writer, and sales professional, Nicholas will lead the development of unique insights and content to address the need for new mineral discoveries and accurate mining production and reserve data. Nicholas has been the editor of Prospector's weekly email newsletter, The Nugget, since February 2021. This newsletter features the latest mining news, investment data, and 43-101 report filings. Working alongside a dedicated team of geologists and data analysts, he will help to bring mining and exploration data into the modern era for an industry that is at the center of the global energy transition.

"We are excited to have Nicholas join our growing company as we build a platform to bring mining investment to a new generation and attract new sources of capital to the industry. For the mining industry to build the mines our world needs for the future we all want, we need to communicate about mining and exploration differently. Nicholas is uniquely qualified to lead our team's efforts to deliver content that the mining industry needs to communicate and reveal the next generation of mineral discoveries for the energy transition."

-Emily King, Founder and CEO of Prospector

Nicholas LePan, Editor at Prospector Portal said "My career has revolved around the role of conveying accurate information about the mining industry to public markets. This mission guided me through various roles and projects and helped me to develop unique content to address the growing importance of mining and materials in the energy transition. Prospector Portal captures valuable data and projects that define the global supply chains, of great interest and demand to public markets and investors. I am looking forward to growing a valuable tool that will define the next generation of mining investment in the energy transition." 

Prospector is hosting a webinar at 11am EST/8am PST on November 10, 2021, where Emily King will be conducting a live demonstration on "How to Use Prospector for Business Development." Register here

About Prospector

Prospector is an InvestTech (investor technology) platform built to modernize the way investors and researchers search for and access information about mining and exploration.  Founded in 2020 by global mining expert Emily King, Prospector created the industry's first searchable digital database with an easily navigable interface that allows anyone to tap into information about the mining industry. Prospector allows each user to search and query a technical report collection (currently containing 4,500+ reports on projects owned by 1,500+ public companies) as well as news and social media collections through a web portal, mobile app, and geospatial data feed.  

Prospector is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Analog Gold, a mining investment company. 

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